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RBI Recruitment 2013 – 525 Assistant Apply Online

RBI Notification 2013

RBI Notification 2013

Eligibility Criteria:

Age Limit : Between 18 and 28 years.
Educational Qualification : Bachelor’s Degree in any discipline with a minimum of 50% marks (pass class for SC/ST/PWD candidates) in the aggregate and the knowledge of word processing on PC. A candidate belonging to Ex-servicemen category should either be a graduate from a recognized University or should have passed the matriculation or its equivalent examination of the Armed Forces and rendered at least 15 years of defence service.

Important dates

Online Application Start on : 30.05.2013
Last Date to apply online: 20.06.2013
Application fee deposit in Bank : from 30.05.2013 to 20.06.2013
Online Written Exam Date : from 21.07.2013 to 28.07.2013

For more details about RBI Recruitment 2013 – 525 Assistant Vacancy, please visit official website of RBI

How to Apply :

Eligible candidates are required to apply online through official website of RBI ( from 30.05.2013 to 20.06.2013.

Expected Cut Offs:

Sections : 5

1.Reasoning : Total marks 40 (2012 based)

2.Quanitative: Total marks 40 (2012 based)

3.English: Total marks 40 (2012 based)

4.General Awareness: Total marks 40 (2012 based)

5.Computer proficiency: Total marks 40 (2012 based)

It is considered to be approximately 50% sectional cut offs  and 150 cutoff for total marks, though it can vary .

General awareness and English could make for 18-22 marks and all others will be more than 20 marks.

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Slide Tabs With ViewPager

I Should Write This $#!T Down

In my previous two posts, I explained how you would implement Tabs using Fragments and then how to implement page swiping using ViewPager.  In this post, I’ll bring those two nuggets together and show you how to implement Swipe-able Tabs (i.e switch between tabs using the swipe gesture).

* Caveat Alert * At the time of this posting, there is no way of implementing MapView as a fragment, which may put a spanner in the works if you’re thinking about using this UI pattern with a MapView.


To implement a Tabs & ViewPager, using fragments on devices running Android 2.1 or higher, you’ll need to include the Android Compatibility library.  In my example, I’m using Compatibility library v4.


  1. Define the Tab ViewPager layout
  2. Define the PagerAdapter
  3. Define the Tab FragmentActivity

The Code

The Tab ViewPager layout

The Tab ViewPager layout (tabs_viewpager_layout.xml) declares a TabHost and child TabWidget

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Install Whatsapp in android emulator

Download apk file from here.Whatsapp

Go to android sdk path.

In my case it is D:\android-sdk-windows\platform-tools

Place the downloaded apk file inside  D:\android-sdk-windows\platform-tools

Open command prompt Reach the path  D:\android-sdk-windows\platform-tools

Type in command promt.

adb install whatsapp.apk

It is done.

Installed the apk

Now register whatsapp on emulator  with the real mobile number which U are having,coz it will send an SMS on it.

After a while the verification code is recieved in ur real mobile.

Now start another emulator from will be having emulator port number 5556.

and ur previous emulator would have 5554.

You can check ur emulator port number on top left of emulator.

The second emulator which u have started

. 1.Go in messaging .

2.Type the same message in second emulator which whatsapp has send on ur real mobile device and send it to 5554.

The first emulator will receive the message and ur mobile number will be verified.

Thats DONE!!

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Save data to php server from android

Actually to transfer data from android to php file, we need 3 things

1.phpFileName(where coding is written to retrieve data) i.e. server side coding
2.array of data(which is being send from android file) of data in that array

Let those things are:
1.a) datas which are going to php file are: name ,password,location .Put it inside an String array named as parameters.
b) its count is 3.
c) file name of php page userjson.php

String[] parameters = {mName,mPassword,mLocation};

2.Lets create an object of a class HttpPostClass where logic is written to send the above data .Send all the data with help of constructor.

 HttpPostClass httpPostClass = new HttpPostClass("userjson.php", 3,parameters);

3.Now call HttpPostClass method doPost which returns HttpResponse object.

   HttpResponse response = httpPostClass.doPost();

Now we are making a class where a reusable method is defined.Here you will need all the three things which are mentioned above.
For this, we will need:

Make a method doPost which returns HttpResponse .Let it be in class named as HttpPostClass.

And make a constructor in the class to instantiate the three variables -phpPage,noOfParameters,parameters.

In the method doPost.


HttpResponse httpResponse=null;

2.make new reference to

 HttpClient client=new DefaultHttpClient();

3.Define databaseurl which is the exact address of your php file location


 String databaseurl=""+phpPage;

4.Make a new array list with the number of parametrers

List nameValuePairs=new ArrayList(noOfParameters);

5.Now it is the time to use the data which is inside string array named as parameters

6.Now open the array and add its data one by one as an argument to BasicNameValuePair.

for(int i=0;i<noOfParameters;i++){

nameValuePairs.add(new BasicNameValuePair("item"+i, parameters[i]));


7.Now use this method

 httpPost.setEntity(new UrlEncodedFormEntity(nameValuePairs));


 httpResponse =client.execute(httpPost);

9.Thats it.You have successfully posted your data to php file.Now it is time for php coding.

10.How to retrieve those datas.

class HttpPostClass{

String phpPage;

int noOfParameters;

String[] parameters;

ReturningClass(String phpPage,int noOfParameters,String[] parameters){




public HttpResponse doPost(){

HttpResponse httpResponse=null;


HttpClient client=new DefaultHttpClient();

//phpPage is your php File name where You have written code to retrieve its data(i.e. data which is being send from this file)

String databaseurl=""+phpPage;

HttpPost httpPost=new HttpPost(databaseurl);

List nameValuePairs=new ArrayList(noOfParameters);

for(int i=0;i&lt;noOfParameters;i++){

nameValuePairs.add(new BasicNameValuePair("item"+i, parameters[i]));



<strong>httpPost.setEntity(new UrlEncodedFormEntity(nameValuePairs));</strong>

<strong>httpResponse =client.execute(httpPost);</strong>

 catch (Exception e) {



return httpResponse;

Now its turn of php coding..

How will it retrieve data???

make a php file named as userjson.php or whatever is the name.

$hostname_localhost ="localhost";
$database_localhost ="SocialTodos";
$username_localhost ="root";
<strong>$password_localhost ="";

$localhost = mysql_connect($hostname_localhost,$username_localhost,$password_localhost);

$username = $_POST['item0'];

$password = $_POST['item1'];



//Do whatever u want with these data .I am just printing it.

echo $username;

echo $password ;

echo $location;


Now dont get tensed .You have almost executed your php file

Come back to java file that is android file………Here you will retrieve the echo value of php file.

1.Make a new static method httpResponse inside HttpPostclass.

public static StringBuffer httpResponse(HttpResponse response){

StringBuffer buffer = new StringBuffer();</strong>
 InputStream inputStream = response.getEntity().getContent();

BufferedReader in=new BufferedReader(new InputStreamReader(inputStream));

String s;</strong>



}catch (Exception e) {


return buffer;


2.The HttpResponse recieved above in the starting will be used.

String echostring=HttpPostClass.httpResponse(response).toString();

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